Squirrel iron on patch (one piece)

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This offer includes one machine-embroidered squirrel iron on patch.The details on these patches are great as you can see from this sweet little squirrel is holding a precious acorn.

Whilst patches are usually associated with enhancing sewing projects such as clothing and hats, I am planning to make a planner embellishment or two out of these cute squirrels. I'm thinking about turning one into a large paperclip decoration but I am still thinking about how to finish off the back ... leave it raw or cut out a squirrel-shape to cover up.

Materials used

These patches are made out of felt (polyolefin resin) and embroidery thread. The back of the patches are raw but sealed with the iron on adhesive. The back is not intended to be viewed in any finished product using these patches.


These patches are currently available in either a reddish-brown or white.


It measures approximately 5.1cm high x 4.6cm wide.

Postage tip

If all you are buying are some of these patches or the large squirrel sticker, please pick the cheapest shipping option called a "standard flat letter less than 50 grams". The price is $1.00 for postage within Australia and $3 for international customers. These postal services do not include tracking. I'll pack the items in a little plastic bag to keep them weatherproof.

Iron on instructions - for adults only, not recommended to be done by children

  1. It is always wise to stitch in addition to ironing on for extra security. 
  2. Make sure the fabric you are using can at least withstand the heat of the medium setting on your iron as you do not want to destroy your fabric whilst applying your patch! Test, test, test! Your fabric must be able to withstand medium heat for at least one solid minute. See point 6 below. Neither Little Red Squirrel nor the manufacturer can be held responsible for any destruction resulting from a failure to test adequately.
  3. Switch your iron onto medium heat and switch the steam function OFF.
  4. Put the patch down with the right side facing you and the adhesive side facing the right side of the fabric. That is, put the patch down on the fabric in the place you want it to be finally and as you would like to see it at the end.
  5. Place a piece of unwaxed baking paper on top of the patch. Place the iron on top of the baking paper.
  6. Press the iron down firmly onto the patch and hold for about one minute. Do not use twisting motions with the iron as that could move the patch out of position.
  7. Lift the iron up for a few seconds and then press it down on the patch, with the baking paper still in place, for another minute.
  8. Remove the iron from the patch and allow the patch to cool for 5 minutes.
  9. Very carefully check that the patch has stuck to the fabric. If not, please repeat steps 5 through to 8 again. 

Washing instructions

Wash your garment as per the usual washing instructions but do not wash at a temperature higher than 40 degrees C as this will melt the adhesive on the patch. Wash the garment inside out. Do not dry the garment in a tumble drier. If necessary, iron the garment inside out - do not iron directly over the patch.