Cushion cover: woodlands friends camping, fox theme (1 piece)

Cushion cover: woodlands friends camping, fox theme (1 piece)

  • $ 15.00 AUD

So cute ... just arrived! This offer includes one decorative woodlands theme printed cushion cover. An inner cushion is not included with this offer.

This cushion cover features woodland friends camping ... a moose is heating some beans over the campfire, a fox is getting ready to toast some marshmallows, a little mouse is playing a tiny guitar and I think that's another fox carrying firewood. I just love their purple tent under the starlit sky. 

This cover is perfect for a baby's woodland theme nursery but it is perfect for all ages ... including adults who love cute nature themes featuring animals,

The cover may possibly require a light ironing on a COOL setting upon arrival but in most instances, the inner pillow will puff out the cover and it will not require ironing.

More details:

  1. The cushion cover is plain on the reverse.
  2. It measures approximately 45cm x 45cm but the final finished size may vary by a centimetre or two. 
  3. It has a zip closure along the bottom edge and is barely noticeable.
  4. It is made out of a firm, textured cotton/linen blend is a natural, wheaty colour. It looks great with white and cream.
  5. The cover is unlined.
  6. Machine washable using a cold, delicate cycle.
  7. Iron only if you have to using a cool setting and a protective cloth.