Little Red Squirrel is live!

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Fast forward several weeks since my last blog post and our website Little Red Squirrel is live! It has been live for a couple of weeks now. We are still tweaking and will be tweaking for some time to come, but it is beginning to resemble the plan in my head more and more with every tweak.

I ended up selecting Shopify as our site builder as it is recognised as a leading e-commerce site builder and is relatively easy to use. Although you pay more for it monthly than a WordPress site, it is worth it for me personally as I am low in tech skills and do not have all the time in the world to sit at the computer figuring it out. I must add that building our site in Shopify was challenging enough as I have been a Yola website builder for what must be almost a decade now. My main Yola site is my jewellery site which is basically a gallery and contact site. I know that there is a lot wrong with it and that the SEO isn't great, but I do not particularly care at this stage as it still works for me. It serves a purpose and drives business to me.

I found using Shopify's site builder a bit of a shock at first after all my years (must be close to a decade) of using Yola. I knew what I wanted to do but I struggled to find the functions I wanted within Shopify and discover what things are called on Shopify in contrast to my expectations. To be honest, I was very frustrated and gave up on Shopify the first time around and decided to pursue a cheaper e-commerce site builder. It took a bit of time to win me over too but I didn't stick with it as I discovered another huge benefit that Shopify could offer me: easy Afterpay integration! Afterpay and kindred payment methods are perhaps to big a payment trend for retailers to ignore. However, before I could apply for Afterpay, I needed something that at least resembled an e-commerce website. So I resolved to conquer the Shopify beast!

Something that proved to be immensely useful to me was the random discovery of a beginner's Shopify site building tutorial on You Tube by Casual Ecommerce called Shopify Tutorial For Beginners - Create An Online Shopify Store 2017. This unassuming video literally gave me my Shopify wings as it just walks you through the basics. To be honest, I couldn't always see everything clearly on my screen and at times my screen would look different (due to updates made to Shopify since the video was made, I assume) but it just somehow set me on the right path to getting my head around the Shopify way of doing things. I didn't even have to stick to the video all the way as I soon got into the swing of things and could fly on my own. Thank you Casual Ecommerce! You made the world of a difference to me!





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